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Beautiful work By clay-works.com
  For those cold nights
Beautiful work By clay-works.com
  Cob Hottub
Cob Kitchen   Cob Bathtub   Cottages
Built for $500   Cob Kitchen   Cob Living Room
Cob Spa   Ah...   Courtyard
Cob Bench   Front Entrance   A Little Artsy
Cob Bath   Living Roof overt cob   Family
Colorful Stawbale   It's a hands on approach   Earthship
Inside a cob being built   Front Doors   Stairway to ?
Cob Oven   The Great Wall of ?   Round room
2nd floor loft   Inside Cob   Living Room
Living Room   Master bedroom   Having fun cobbing
Workspace   Living Room   Knock, knock...
Nice door   Exterior   Japanese style dining
Indoor garden   Be still and know that He is God (smile).   Banana trees inside
How about that door?   Now that's artistic   High thatched roof
Courtyard   Any type of window you want.   2 stories
Sculpted stairway   You can do anything you like with cob   Cob 2 story